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Ganmodoki - Fried Tofu Dumplings

Ganmodoki is a Japanese dish that is loved by everyone. This makes a great appetizer when served with a dipping sauce made of tamari and ginger juice, or simply with lemon juice. It is also wonderful in clear broth soup.

Makes about 16 dumplings

1- 14 ounce package firm tofu, drained and pressed about 30 minutes

1 medium carrot, grated

⅓ cup green onions, thinly sliced

1 tablespoon toasted black sesame seeds

3 tablespoons arrowroot powder

½ teaspoon sea salt

deep frying oil such as safflower oil

  1. Press tofu for 30 minutes. Drain pressed tofu and mash well with hands in mixing bowl.

  2. Sprinkle a couple pinches of sea salt on carrots, set aside for 5 minutes. Drain and squeeze out the water.

  3. Add carrots to the tofu in mixing bowl, along with green onions, black sesame seeds, arrowroot powder, and sea salt. Use hands to mix well to combine. Make sure the dumpling mixture is not watery. It should be easy to mold into patties. If still a little watery, add a little more arrowroot powder.

  4. Using small ice cream scoop or measuring spoon, make round or oval shaped dumplings. Each dumpling is about 1 heaping tablespoon.

  5. Heat high heat oil to 350 °F, fry dumplings until golden.

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