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Health Consultation

& Menu Planning

Health Consultation


The session generally takes about 90 minutes. This will be by Skype or in person. During the session, Sachi will discuss and evaluate your condition based on the principles of macrobiotics and holistic nutrition. The session will provide you with personalized Macrobiotic dietary guidelines as well as home remedies and lifestyle guidance. 


The initial session comes with one 45 minutes follow-up session by phone or Skype within three months from the initial consultation.

Menu Planning Session

Sachi loves to share her passion for making healthy and delicious macrobiotic food, and that’s exactly what she’ll be doing with this Menu Planning Session. In this two-part menu-planning session, Sachi will talk with you over Skype for a total of 90 minutes. In the first meeting you’ll discuss her findings from your health questionnaire while Sachi assesses your condition and health goals. In the second session (either on Skype or phone call), you’ll have time to ask questions and discuss topics such as time saving ideas and insider chef’s tips. Prior to this session, you’ll be provided an electronic file of a one-week menu plan designed to meet your specific needs. 


Her goal with this work is to give you the tools you need to nurture your life dream and open up your path to optimal health

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