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ABOUT  Sachi Kato

Born in Gifu, Japan, Sachi Kato is a macrobiotic chef, author, educator, and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She cooks for and coaches individual clients nationwide, and has also worked as head chef and as a teacher at the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts. She serves as the food editor for Amberwaves, a quarterly macrobiotic journal. 


Fulfilling her passion for sharing nurturing food, she infuses the flavors of colorful Californian cuisine and diverse world fare with macrobiotic principles. Sachi prepares everyday macrobiotic meals for people who are healing from specific health conditions as well as for individuals looking to achieve even greater health and happiness. Cooked with love, her food is delicious, vitalizing, and beautiful to behold, as seen in the recipes and photographs of her published One Peaceful World Cookbook.

Sachi Kato

Sachi's Food



“Sachi is an extraordinarily creative cook, teacher, and dietary counselor. Her food is delicious, energizing, and beautifully prepared. She brings a wealth of experience, advanced training, and living in East and West to her instruction and personal sessions, as well as a nurturing spirit. Sachi embodies the heart and soul of macrobiotics—the way of health, happiness, and peace.”


—Alex Jack

    Executive Director, Planetary Health, Inc., and co-author with Michio Kushi of The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health

What is Macrobiotics?


The word “macrobiotics” stems from the ancient Greek word macrobios. Macro means “large” or “long,” and bios means “life.” Macrobiotics is a philosophy and the art of living in harmony with nature. By balancing ourselves with our environment, including preparing foods with love and gratitude, we can create a long, healthy, and wonderful life. 


The macrobiotic principle 医食同源 “Ishokudo-gen” is a Japanese phrase that means medicine and daily food share the same origin—or “food is medicine.”


Life with a Big Picture


Macrobiotics is a wholistic way of living. It extends beyond a healthy daily diet to an entire way of life in harmony with nature. The macrobiotic way leads to ever greater self-development and realization at all levels, including the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual. It enables us to live life on a larger canvas and become one with the universal spirit. 

Macrobiotic food is delicious!


Macrobiotics recommends eating fresh, seasonal, locally grown ingredients, whole foods, unrefined and minimally or traditionally processed foods, and organically or naturally grown foods. Macrobiotic cooking emphasizes a balance of tastes, flavors, and energies, as well as a variety of cutting and cooking styles, to create delicious, satisfying meals, snacks, and special dishes 

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