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Sachi Kato 

Wholistic Food for Harmony


It has been such a pleasure to work with and get to know Sachi. She is an amazing chef, educator and cooking instructor. Each time I attend one of her classes or have the privilege to cook with her, I learn something new and inspiring that I can bring to my own kitchen. I have approached Sachi for her wisdom when I have had questions regarding my personal health, direction in life or macrobiotic philosophy and cooking.

Her advice is sound and pragmatic, and she always knows exactly what is going on with me and what I need to do in order to heal. Her intuition is what sets her apart from others!

She is intuitive, attentive and an expert in the field of macrobiotics.

Not only does Sachi have the knowledge to diagnose and treat illnesses naturally, but she also has a nurturing quality that shines through in her personal interactions as well as in her delicious and healing food. I highly recommend Sachi for a personal chef, macrobiotic educator and cooking instructor.

Sommer White, M.D., Integrative Medicine Physician 


Sachi is our “go-to” macrobiotic chef. Not only does she fully employ macrobiotic principles to her extraordinary cooking, but she embodies the macrobiotic spirit- warmth, kindness, generosity, happiness- like no other. When Sachi’s in our home cooking, there is harmony. Her nourishing dishes help nurture our children through their earliest years and me personally back from pregnancy with tremendous strength and balance. It’s always a pleasure to have Sachi around, and we miss her when she is traveling to further her studies. We highly recommend Sachi’s cooking and services- she’s a rare find.

Lilly Bright, Founder, Curiously Bright Entertainment/ Arthouse Films

Evan Cole,CEO, HD Buttercup

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